Cleaning Is My Outlet.

whenever I am stressed out, or just have nothing better to do, i clean. it helps me think clearer. it makes me feel less claustrophobic. makes me feel relieved. like everything is much more open now. like I can finally breath. and it makes me feel I'm worth somthing. because no one seems to take attention to me or appreciate anything I do unless I cook or clean. and I like the feeling of cleaning more than cooking, although I am great at both. cleaning is somthing I do whenever I go to anyone elses house, which some people have found offensive, but its not intended to be offensive. I just like folding laundary and sweeping and doing dishes and dusting :)
laurenlokz laurenlokz
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6 Responses Jun 14, 2011

Sounds good.. How should I repay you?

Would you do it naked?

you can clean my home and I will pay you with great sex. what do you think?

Wow I need a girlfriend like you. Come to think of it I'm the kind of person who likes a nice yard. Unfortunately I don't have a yard at the moment... But heck I'll work on your lawn and you work on my house.

sometimes giving your partner menial tasks is the best way to establish a dom sub build up and create foreplay

I am not sure I want to give up the kitchen as i love to cook. I do not mind cleaning, but need c=someone to do ti with me. As to feeling you are not worth it, come hang out with me for a bit. I am a bit of a wizard at seeing peoples skills and talents. I have helped more than 200 women start businesses. And have two daughters, one at Stanford one at Berkeley, so I do fairly well in the raising department, their mother died when they were 6 and 9.<br />
I am dreaming of someone who finds ironing therapeutic!<br />
I have silk and cotton shirts and forever look rumpled. I can wash them. I organize my life so clothes come off and into laundry basket which then gets put in washer when full.<br />
Silks come out and are just hung, cottons go to drier. Folding is not the best of jobs, but it gets done, well socks are in pairs folded, but not scrunched into a ball which ruins the elastic, they go into bins. I have only three kinds of socks black wool for dress, white cotton for sports and white heavy for winter.<br />
But cleaning I would love to have someone who loves to do it.<br />
I will trade that for my putting effort into you seeing your worth outside of cleaning, teaching to be as best a lover as you can be, understanding business, even if you choose only to work for one and never own one yourself.<br />
I have far too active a mind and therefore often the corner of my counter, dinning room table, office desk and a variety of places have things on them 'looking' for a home.