Sado-masochistic Pleasures

He likes to fingerbang me after we've ******. He's discovered that I'm never satisfied, no matter how hard or how often he ***** me, and it started out as a way to buy his **** enough recharge time without my sucking or fondling him, demanding that it get hard again fast!

But he discovered that by fingering my **** and **** after he'd ****** me, I'd keep ******* ... over and over ... till I ended up in a sort of ****** "zone" where I couldn't stop *******, even if he didn't touch me after that. I'd shake and cry and pant hard. And if he did keep on playing with my **** just so, my ******* would escalate, getting bigger and more intense.

So he'd keep playing, often for hours! Not even stopping when i started to buck and writhe and scream, begging him to stop stop stop!!! He'd trap me under him, unable to get away from his strong grip. I'd shriek, tremble, and try to get away from the brutality of his fingers forcing me into this huge ******, till I shudder hard... then stop breathing.

I'd pass out at this point, and making me unconscious makes him horny and hard enough to **** me again. I'd "come to" with him buried balls deep in my sore *****, or ******* my mouth like a ****. He could feel me regain consciousness and taking a huge breathe, and he'd start pumping me so hard, so painfully. He loves making me feel the pain he enjoys inflicting on me. He'd *** fast from this, and would keep pumping till he came a second time.

Occasionally, he'd slap my **** and **** till I was roused, then start fingering me again, feeling me ****** over and over, till I passed out again. He takes a sadistic pleasure in making me *** harder than anyone's ever made me ***.
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kinkyboi, sometimes it's just the way she ****. other times, it's the man or woman who can make her ****** like that. maybe you can learn more about the woman and show her how you can make her ***-gush. a girl who can *** like that on her own probably has no need for anyone else. ;)

Yes, I am fully aware of the ability to cause a gushing pass-out ******, I have done it to previous partners, one girl used to gush when I put her in a Sleeper-hold (at her request I might add) Just as she was ready to pass out!!!! :) I'm Looking for a new Pass-out Gusher that's all!!

that happens to me, but i'm just saying, it sounds like you can create a pass-out gusher any time you please, kinkyboi! ;)

I Would Love to Find a Girl Who Passes Out From a Gushing ******, Any Takers In the U.K.??

oscillograph, between 3 to 15 days, thought last time we did this, it took about three weeks to recover fully. then we were at it again. ;)

What is recovery after going though a period of continuous enforced ****** like this like?

breastmassageguy, that's an interesting fetish -- injection needles do vary in size. did you mean the needle part?

wow u enjoy an earth quake all over the body ..... i had a friend who liked me to bang an injection needle up her arse when she came and she enjoyed it longest when the timing of me inserting the needle and her ******* is exactly the same .

Bangme, make sure you find someone not into ****** denial type of domination. Those relationships don't last more than a **** for me.

I want this to happen to me!!!

thanks for the compliment, dragonofjapan. i have been practicing or intensely involved with the major religions. all have issues, because they are built by humans. it's much simpler to accept that i'm merely a **** who enjoys sex enormously. no harm in everyone being like that, right?

dorobo, i guess it'd help if you'd get into some sort of fantasy situation ... like my bf loves trying to knock me up, no matter what time of the month. it's one thing that really gets him going. do you imagine your wife might be someone else? ;)

kookycurious, it's a circlejerk of pleasure! ;)

bakkos, thank you!

ok, reading about you getting pleasure from him getting pleasure is giving me pleasure


batpeace, was she the only one to "zone-out" (so to speak) in your life??

Years ago I dated a woman that would reach that ****** "zone" . . . . I loved it!

bjhall01, be careful -- i'm not into ****** deprivation (as you can tell from this posting). your stories are intriguing, too!

prettypoppy, it's a balance, even though i'm into pain to a certain extent. it's like my nerves are supercharged and any little thing would set it off. ****** can be painful, and anything hurts if you play with it too much! i also have a mindset where if it brings him pleasure, it makes me *** ... and him making me pass out from the pain and intensity is a big turnon for him.

comebacksoon, the men in my life who wished for a nympho and got me eventually needed to reassess what they really wanted. they could never **** me as often as i needed or wanted, their dicks were sore, even flaking and the skin cracking and bleeding . and some men felt it was a hit against their masculinity to not be able to keep up. in truth, no man can keep up with a truly horny, needy woman. that's why i **** more than one.

I've never done it quite that far but I know exactly what you mean by the "****** zone".....suspended in the moment, wracked by *******, never wanting them to stop but wanting to as well. You've fired up my imagination now...I just need to do it without the pain. XX

Y do you find it a problem ?

comebacksoon, remember to be careful what you wish for. ;)

sounds so good i wish my partner would *** and *** and *** and c..............

wickey -- it has! most recently, i spent a week with him earlier this month. it was too enjoyable! i'm still in recovery.

abnod, i think he does -- we had a long breakup (multi-year), and recently got back together again. he seems determined to keep me in his life this time. alas, he has to share me. i wonder if i'd be as sexually needy if we hadn't broken up? i think many women (and men) have time/place issues with sex?

Many woman wont ****** once, never mind multiple ******* while writhing in pleasure. It gives me the greatest pleasure to make a woman experince pleasure. That is what makes me hotter than anything else. If I has a woman like you I could probably achieve my goal of at least one ****** a day for the rest of my life. Sadly, my wife only allow infrequent sex and then only quick single ******. What a lucky man you have, I hope he realises it.

thanks wickey! i'm pretty selfish and very greedy about sex. i used to think everyone was, but sad to say, it's not the case. :(

aww, thanks nautiboater -- i think i'm rather lucky, too!

lonelybm, glad you liked it -- he's a sadist though, and who knows what else he'll figure out about me?

lucky man what a woman!

Great, hot story, I'm ready to ***, Thanks

khbunny, it's painful, yes indeed. i don't fake any of the screaming or writhing! i even fear him when he does it to me. but what does it for me is the eroticism of being forced to suffer for the pleasure of someone else.

funboy, i'll take your word, since i haven't done a survey. i didn't endeavor to be this way -- some things just are. as for our economy, perhaps if we were less consumer-oriented, we could all work less?

What a woman. There are not enough like you in the world. There are really only a few like you. I guess that's a good thing because no one could do anything else and our economy would sink deeper. Although, we'd all be deliriously happy and it wouldn't matter.

kakdrukker, i gush. and i apparently twitch when i'm passed out!

Wow, do you squirt or gush, I'm imagining your *** all over the place and you screaming and shuddering as you juices squirt out.