Climaxing has to be one of the best things in the natural world. Not booze not drugs not an adrenaline rush or self satisfaction after completing something difficult. But just that sweet feeling of you ***********, nothing beats it.

Not just my own climax but hers too. I remember the first time i made a girlfriend of mine climax, the whole build up to it, the process, making her squirt, the whole shabang, it made me feel just as good as she did, hearing her moan and groan, panting, it was ecstasy and made me rush as-well, knowing i gave her what all women wanted, right. i felt like a ******* Champion after it, no man alive could mess up that day, walking home from hers with pure happiness on my shoulders not giving a **** about anything, helping old women cross the road, smiling at everybody all that ****, pure swagger material, pure champion, achieving a prime goal in the long, somewhat sticky journey of Manhood, Conquering the Clitoris.

One thing i noticed when i Climax is how i can speed up the process and how i can enhance it in a way, my own personnel skills, mostly during sex, the whole build up to the moment we've all been waiting for, the main event of the evening lady's and gentlemen, the sticky situation, when you ********* inside her, or on her, it really depends what day of the week it is of-course, but when i ********* my muscles tense up sometimes automatically, or i do it myself, it feels amazing, as if something is rushing through my body, its usually my legs that happen naturally, it feels great in my calves and thighs, but sometimes if its a fast shag, where were just going at it like a couple of untamed rabbits, where the goal is just to get pleasure as quick as possible, not making love or taking our time to enjoy each others body's, but just to **** basically, i find that i try to give her pleasure as much as me, but rushing and the build up, the rush, the strain on getting to that moment, and just the quick sharp release, the climax, just sends my body and muscles into ecstasy, tensing up, grabbing the sheets and squeezing it letting out all that testosterone, feeling the body pulsate, its magic.. After all the movements, build up releases moans the lot, nothing beats lying on your back, with or without the balls out, catching my breath, with her lying beside you or on you, the Calm after the storm..

p.s i didn't want to get to graphic on this sounding like a pure pervert or anything so i tried to keep it clean so you can use your imagination if you like, or relate to it etc, its the first story i've wrote about sex. Something i don't do often im a bit personal when it comes to that stuff with me and other people, not kiss and tell or nothing like that, but i thought this one was worth talking about, not the most best of descriptions anyway
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Holy Accuracy, Batman!
For your first attempt at erotic writing, you didn't just hit a home run; You knocked it out of the park. Everything you wrote could have come from my brain, as I feel and think the same way. You just articulated it in a way that the ladies who read it can get some insight as to how it is from us guy's perspective.
Ya Nailed It!!!!

Haha, nice one mate cheers

Thanks. I'd tell you the same thing, but... I think I already have.
Cheers right back.

Another thing i forgot to mention in this story was stretching the neck, sounds weird but try it next time you *** lol..

I'll try to remember to try it. Anything that might increase the intensity and help me attain my goal of being knocked out when climaxing.


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First off, louisthepearl is right. You don't sound like a pervert.
Second, I'm a guy and I think you captured it very well and accurately.
Nicely done for your first time out.