Silly As It Is...

... I want my sexual urges stopped. For me, this would mean, I want to be castrated. Yes, I have sexual fantasies about it. I'd want a woman who really turned me on to do it to me, and I'd want lots of women who also turned me on to witness it. After I became a eunuch, I'd want the woman who'd castrated me to show me off to everyone, letting them see my balls in the glass vial she kept out on display in our home, and letting them see my now empty sac, so they'd know I really was a eunuch. I realize that as much as I ********** thinking about this now, once it was done, so would I be, as a sexual creature.
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

well I have complete ED and can not get it up at all or *********. I still have plently of desire
, but can do nothing about it. This to me, is a type of hell, I still would like to ejactulate

why do you want your sexual urges stoped? And by casteration? How would you be able to *********?

Well, I said it was silly, lol. :) If I got castrated, I wouldn't *********, but I also wouldn't want to.

The urges wouldn't necessarily go away just because your balls are gone. That's not how it works. Had you been castrated as a child that might have been the case. But these thoughts and feelings are created in your brain, not your nut sack! You have a lifetime of fantasies built up and they will not simply vanish. You really do need to research this more thoroughly. This would be the most hellish punishment imaginable for you. All of your sexual abilities would be gone but all of your sexual urges would still be in full force.

Oh, it's really just a silly fantasy, which usually only comes when I'm very drunk, lol. I've heard so many different versions of what happens after castration, I can only conclude that it varies wildly, in which case I'd never take the chance of what you mention happening, or, that noone really knows. In any event, it's a fantasy, and it's going to stay that way.

Thanks for the answer, though. I should have put some sort of disclaimer up a long time ago. All the best to you. :)