I Wanna Come Home!

I know every soldier feels the same way. I have nights to where i just lay there staring at the ceiling, feeling so alone and i just want to come home so bad and fix everything with my family. and i cant wait to start my own family with the woman i love. Im tired im scared and most of the time i feel like breaking down. Im there for my soldiers a 100 percent and its hard not having anybody here for me. The things ive seen and the things ive done i have never been so proud yet so disturbed at what ive had to do. I have finaley found somebody that does give me comfort and helps me through the days im feeling the worst and im so thankful to have found that. i cant wait to come home and feel free and be loved and to love. I miss so many small things that people at home take for granted everyday not even thinking about it, like the sound of the ocean waves crashing down at the beach or sitting outside having a bbq with the people i love and care for the most. i cant wait to be home and i cant wait to start so many new memories with my family and the amazing lil kiddos :)
dwick91 dwick91
22-25, M
Jan 17, 2013