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Atomic wedgie. JockLock wedgie. Hanging wedgie. All at the same time. With 3 different pairs of underwear of course. #2 white tighties (this kind works best) is the atomic wedgie and you do it first. #1 underwear is the hanging wedgie. Take 2 parts on the back side of your underwear and slip them through the leg hols of the underwear form the atomic wedgie. While in the air, (you might need someone else's help with this part, you might not) take each foot behind you and slip it through the leg hole of that pair of underwear. 1 at a time works easiest.

I have found for all three of these wedgies white tighties of tighty whites or briefs (whatever way you say/call them) works best.

;) Good luck and I can't even wait to try it.
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what about some wedgie ideas for girls

nice story

Thanks. I just need underwear for an atomic wedgie before I can try this... Can't wait.