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Just Want To Do Sucide

i m worst person ever i hate myself i can never be good cause i cannot hide my monster anymore i will commit sucide as i don't wanna live anymore jf anyone has good idea of how to do sucide tell me  
evilkilllingme evilkilllingme 22-25, F 2 Responses Jun 8, 2011

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I made this for my girlfriend kayla and it stopped her from thinking suicide was the answer and got her into councilling...i hope it works as much for you..<br />
REASONS WHY SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER:<br /> were born for a reason and that reason was not so you can kill yourself at a young age.<br />
2.just for you to be breathing and to be alive is a gift...its rude to throw away gifts<br /> were so wonderfully and uniquely made...why ruin that!!!??!??!<br />
4.i tried to kill myself know where that led me?? in the mental hospital for the first time for almost a month!!!!!<br />
5. you dont want to be another statistic<br /> were so greatly and amazingly loved it would kill a lot of oeople if you chose to kill yourself<br />
7.there are people who are always going to be here for you ...why let them down?!!?<br />
8.there are millions of people who felt how you feel, you know where they are??? happily living their precious gift of life with the people that they love and who love them<br />
9. I LOVE YOU SOOO DAMN MUCH BABY!!!!SWEETIE PLEASE!!!!YOU ARE TO PRECIOUS TO ME TO KILL YOURSELF<br /> can always call me 24/7 (805) 239-9686

hey buddy nice things though before you wrote this i stopped from sucide as i found light a small in my heart and i am walking towards it its god dear which stopped me;but i m writing this cause of your reasons you wrote trust me though it worked on your gf cause she was near to you but to tell truth these reason are not strong i don't want to hurt your feelings but i am sucidial person i know the heart state and mind these reason are never good enough to stop anyone

if you really want to stop someone from sucide their are many reason but for everyone they are completely different as per their inner condition'

Nothing is that bad. Take a step back and have a look at what's going on. You'll be ok. X

thanks for concern but many times pain is extreme, yup i m not commiting sucide as i found in my heart a way to escape