I'm Going To Kill Myself

I made a plan to kill myself may 22, 2012. That day is coming soon. So, when I was I kid I tried to kill myself because my mom and dad always abused my brothers and sister and I. My didn't care about me neither does my mom, I don't know if any body cares about me. I made a few friends, but they were bad people. I did some bad things with them to, but it was to fit in with them because I was new to them. Then, things got a little better for me, but the thing about me is I have exiety. When I turned 17 I started cutting and overdosing. I tried to kill myself, but I got caught trying to do so. Things are different now, I always wanted to find someone suicidal like me, but if I can't I will probably go head and kill myself on may 22, 2012. If I don't then it'll be the next day or the next, and I'll finally be gone on to the next life better then this so called earth world.
Mylifeisending Mylifeisending
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I rather you not screw with my mind

i'm suicidal like you and don't worry i am one of the few people in this world that will screw with your mind!!!!