I Just Can't Go On............it's Not Worth It Anymore.

Hello.  I am a 41 year old woman attempting to raise a pre-teen daughter on my own.  My Daughter is just like both of her Maternal Grandparents, controlling, overbearing and does not think before she acts or speaks.  Although she and I live apart from my "Parents" they still have acheived complete control over me and my Daughter.  My daughter has succeeded in making sure my mother and I will more than likely never speak again.  My father has decided to stand by his wife's decision, even though he knows she's wrong, so he and I rarely speak either.  My daughter has been physically abusive towards me and told me on a daily basis for at least a few years now, that she hates me, and wishes I were dead so she can have a better life.  My "Parents" have witnessed the abuse I have recieved from her and even heard those words come out of her mouth and sat back and laughed...................I can't take it anymore.  It's not worth the pain.
missdu2 missdu2
Jul 25, 2010