Just Do It!

been thiking about suicide since you were a young teen? join the effing club. we all get depressed. we all find that "special one" to stay around for. we all try and see the light . the blunt hurtful truth is some of us just werent born to been happy. chemical embalance, bad luck, series of unfortunate events, what the hell ever, life just doesnt work out for all of us. why make your family and loved ones suffer for years with you? check out. take a nice long vacation to mexico, canada, etc and leave a note, you loved it so much yuo just cant come home! dont leave a mutilated body for them to find. travel to the middle of no where, finally get the courage, and welcome the great beyond. do i sound pessimestic? no, your just a ***** for wanting to blow your brains out in your families garage. seriously, dont place that burden on them. they love you and want to think your living life to the fullest. reality? your dead somewhere NOONE will find you? the downside? NONE! just do it!
fookyou fookyou
2 Responses Sep 4, 2012

oh helpful hint..... last post ill ever submit so why not..... make is quick! why suffer? or why make it this big dramatic ordeal? no need..... suicide is not a horrible end..its a peaceful begining!

okay that may have been a bit too harsh. MOST people will grow out of their "life is horrible i just want to die state". being a teen/ young adult is hard. but...life is hard, get use to it. but if you have been thinking about ending it for several years now, stop talking about it and just do it already! i dont mean hang yourself in your backyard or shoot your self in your husband/wifes house. i mean go to a place no one will find you and......