Ready To Give It Up

Tired of living with the depression. 90% of my day is spent alone. Just ready to end it all and give up. It doesn't matter if I am alive or dead. No one really cares, and I don't think I have ever given them a reason to. It's time.
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I'm so sorry. I've felt that way a few times myself. Please don't harm yourself. I've read some of the comments here..there are some really good suggestions. Cronic pain can really afffect a person. When I was in cronic pain, I didn't care if I woke up the next day. How are you doing now? Are you ok?

I have 3 pets they are my world Ill die when they die.. God i cant even think about it. Are you still alive? You seem nice... Please dont go

Thank you Suntaria, you seem very nice, non-judgemental, and thoughtful...I'm doing much better. Depression is a constant battle for me. And it is frustrating, because I have NOTHING to be depressed about compared to other peoples pain and suffering. I just read your repsonse today. Thank you so much for your kindness. I pulled myself up from my bootstraps and I'm doing well. Thank you again! Many blessings to you.

dude, spent ur energy to find some community at ur place. and make a friend.. seriously, u will thank me for dat after u did it...^^

sry for broken eng~

I get it. I'm tired of fighting for fighting sake. I can't see why people should be forced to stay alive. Trying to find help risks one's liberty, only making thing worse. Can anyone give any none cheesy, none religious reasons as to why humans are forced to live if they're in a state of misery>

I want to help you. I have numerous experiences in life that may enable me to help you. Message me and tell me your story. Ill listen. Theres always someone FAR WORSE than you are i promise you i can show. Mind its never to take your situation lightly. so tell me your problems I can help. From the beginning.. Waiting for your message.

Put your hand on your heart. Feel that? That’s called purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t give up... ♥

I feel 100% the same way. And at this point, I don't care if people think I'm crazy for choosing the day that I want to die. I can't get my life together and no one understands me.

Let me try

I'm scared. For me personally, just me, then I would prefer to go. But my dog would miss me terribly. So I will wait until he goes first. He is old so it should not be too long. There are people that would miss me, be hurt/angry/sad. But now while I am living would be the time for them to take a stand. I just don't have anything tying me here. And I don't want to be here. But I am scared of what is on the other side? If nothing then great. But if the other side is hell, then I really don't want it. I am hoping to end suffering not go to eternal suffering. Every time I get knocked down, I simply dust myself off and get back up. I can't continue anymore. I don't want to dust myself off and get back up. For God's sake, I just wish that life would let me go. I am willing to "give up the ghost" but the flippin' ghost won't go. A sick "Jest of God". And I don't want to play anymore.

God all these storys are about to make me cry. Im hurting so much and to see people out there hurting to i just want to take it all alway im so sorry

Hello, I have just joined this group and yours is the first story I am reading. I hope that you are still here and that you haven't taken your own life. You sound so down and I want you to know that I understand too well where you are emotionally. Like you, I am mostly alone, and it is tearing me apart. Do you have anyone to turn to for help? I am so sorry that you are so desparate.

Thanks for the reply. I don't have anyone really to turn to for help. A few friends, but I already burden them with my issues. I do write poetry and that's where I express myself. I find a connection with words, and writing.

I dont have a reason to stick around anymore myself. I live with a chronic health condition thats like a slow death. Not too many people to turn to for support. I think I get how you feel.

My friends get annoyed when I keep telling them my problems... They dont know how to handle them... Get a dog or a cat they are so innocent they make you happy. I promise