I feel like i cant go on anymore, i feel useless and everything i do is wrong', i live with my dad and all i want from him show he cares hes bought me loads but would never sit and talk to me but talk to strangers in dating sites, and he would give out all the time if i left anything out of place, stupid things nagging at me.. My 2 year old son if he trows things and doing things he comes in telling me tell him stop like a baby ratting constantly on him.. He be telling me. Oh it seems like notin but if ye lived in what i do everyday i shout at my dad cause he has me full anger..! And he tells me he tells every1 how i treat him noting abou what he says and shouts at me.. I feel bloody useless and every1 thinks of me as a rotton person. I love my son pieces dont want leave him without a mommy but i cant keep on in this home to much dont have the money move out.
Shaz2012 Shaz2012
Dec 1, 2012