Why do people always hurt the kind ones? Does it make them feel better? I honestly cant grasp it. I'm kind to everyone yet I basically have no friends and everyone thinks I'm weird... Guess that's the world for you. Hurt the good ones destroy the nice ones... I wish for once someone wouldn't take advantage of me and would be the same amount of kindness to me as I am to them.. I wish someone would love me as much as I do them but no I always love them more and I always end up getting hurt. Is anyone else out there like me? If so please contact me.. I want to be understood. I'm tired of crying and sleeping. I don't know even who I am anymore. I'm turning numb. I don't want that to happen. Then ill become like so many people I know sleeping with everyone and not caring about anyone or anything. Sigh... Is there help for someone who cant quit being hurt over every little thing?
Suntaria Suntaria
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I think you found a little of that help here. Online. Talking things through is the first and, by all accounts, the most important step toward feeling better about yourself and your situation. And I know, I can only sympathize, as we all only can, because every person is different. No one's the same. Similar, maybe, but never the same. Hell, even the cells in our own bodies replace themselves. So much so we can't even remember who we truly were way back when. I know this is off topic but you should really take a look at Don Hertzfeldt's Bill trilogy. The first one, Everything Will Be Ok, is on YouTube right now. Just remember, you are not alone. Falling trees DO make a sound even when no one's around.

Whats that about?

Since it's late I'm just going to take an excerpt from the Wikipedia page: "Everything will be OK is the first chapter of a three-part story about Bill, a young man whose daily routines, perceptions, and dreams are illustrated onscreen through multiple split-screen windows. Bill's seemingly mundane life, narrated in humorous and dramatic anecdotes, gradually grows dark as we learn he may be suffering from a possibly fatal mental disorder. Scenes throughout the trilogy are often divided into multiple windows of action on the screen at once, against a background of pure black. Animated still photographs are also incorporated inside certain windows, as well as a handful of the colorful special effects and experimental film techniques that Hertzfeldt first utilized in The Meaning of Life. Like many of Hertzfeldt's films, most of the trilogy's special effects were captured in-camera." Here's the site: http://www.bitterfilms.com/ok.html Also, the two other movies in the trilogy are I Am So Proud of You and It's Such a Beautiful Day.

Sounds very interesting. Ill give it a try when I get time.

Hi. I totally understand what you are talking about. And I think you sound nice. I'd be your friend if you are ok with that.

Sure.. Just message me