The Thing That Is My So Called Life

lets start at the beginning. my name is anna i'm 28 and for the past 20 yrs i have lived without my mum who died from cancer. me and my mum look so like each other and for that after she died my dad started to wail on me and generally hated me which he told me many times. when i turned 11 i started harming myself continuously as a way to release all my hurt and pain, ( IT WAS NOT A CRY FOR HELP) i did not want elpp i wanted my freedom. at the age of 13 my brother died so once again my family were hit by another terrible death that i couldn't handle so the suicidal thoughts came rushing back with avengence. I have taken overdose after overdose, slashed my wrists to pieces and my legs thighs and backs of knees, nothing has worked. I then got diagnosed with bipolar mania and bipolar depression which had me locked in mental hospital 3 times, lucky me. I have now come to the time in my life where nothing but **** keeps happening and i've had enough this is now my time to leave and any suggestions would be great. my mum was the only good thing about my so called life and she's been dead 20 yrs so hey *** it all. i just wanna die but people are always around to watch me and i hate it.
misunderztood1 misunderztood1
Jan 7, 2013