I have nothing to live for.. no skills or talents.. no future and a past i'd rather forget about.. the only reason i'm still here is the thought of my ( as yet un-conceived) little girl.. if i end it all i'd be giving up on her which i can't do.. contemplated ending it so many times yet always can't be bothered.. not that i don't want to.. not that i can't or lack the nerve.. just can't be bothered.. i have nop reason to live.. i'm ugly.. going bald.. no significant other on my life and no chance of it every happening.. so no chance of ever holding Eris Faith ( mlg) in my arms.. so why do i bother? i'm still here because i believe my life will change.. i've been taught ( through my friends kids, nephews n nieces) almost everything there is to know about being a Dad.. and i mean everything.. =) i've been taught everything there is to know about survival about warfare so i know that for some reason i'm still here.. look at your lives.. think what you know and what you've experianced like i did... and yes one day if Faith doesn't happen i WILL end it. just on my terms
roy38 roy38
Jan 8, 2013