Tried 3+ Times

I tried once when I was about 13. Did my best to make it look like an accident, but was rushed to hospital while unconscious. I tried again when I was 19 took a knife to the throat. I healed somewhat unrealistically quickly. Another time I made it look like sleep deprivation, made it 7 days without then dropped dead for 3 minutes until someone did cpr. I'm pretty sure I've tried at least 2-3 other times, but can't remember too well. but not being given control over one's own life is the greatest injustice of all.
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Peace, trying to die but you fail every single time that's mean maybe it isn't over yet you must try harder to handle your life, good luck.

I hadn't thought about killing myself via not sleeping, that's a wonderful idea. ^^ thank you!