Suicidal Since I Was 7

You don't know what it's like to live with my parents. I just can't do it. They made me feel worthless as if i didn't matter to anyone. Since i was 7 i had urges to self injure and i did. I stopped after the first time that i used it but when i was 14 i started again. It was really hard because Self Injury won me over at that point. I self harmed ever day because it was all i can do to not commit suicide but a few months ago i cut a deep vertical line on my wrist hoping to open a vein. I would have done it to if it wasn't for a boy named Jeff who called the police. He saved my life. But that hasn't made me want to stop killing myself. I have to face the people who sexually abused me everyday and yet when i tried to tell my momshe shut me out and said i was wrong. She told me that i should apologize to THEM for ever making such a stupid story up. Can you believe that? Anyways i'm not going to be alive for long, living just wasn't meant for me.
val1197 val1197
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013