I Dont Belong Here

ive always felt like i just dont belong. i was raised by a single mother who had MS. she died when i was 11, my father used to beat me and treat me like ****, and there has never been anyone that is there for me. they just dont understand. im tired of faking smiles and pretending like everything is ok. ive commited suicide before. i overdosed. i was dead for a minute or so, and they brought me back. i cant take it any more, i just cant. i see so much wrong with the world, how people treat each other, and it makes me sick. i dont know what to do any more, because im tired of fighting. i cant keep up the act any more. i want to die. can someone please help me, either by telling me a good method to do it, or try to reach a hand out to me. please, anyone. help me.
zeroanomally zeroanomally
22-25, M
Jan 14, 2013