Pretty Smile, Damage Goods

I did it one before... Comiting suicide... Ended in failure ... Hence I'm still breathing. I've always been that girl, pretty, sexy, great smile, curves ans full in all the right places, kind, loving, friendly. I've catched many men's attention. I've laid in bed with many as well. I always get the same feed back from all these men, how sexy and attractive they find me... The things they would love to do to me... Ever since I been a little girl not even knowing what sexuality and seduction even ment I was put into situations that envolved sex. I been touched as a little girl places that should NOT been touched. And told things that I shouldn't be told !! Now, My life is a mess. About a year ago I ended up pregnant with a man I thought wAs good to me but in reality was not and to top it off, it was an atopic pregnancy. It was very very hard for me. Between the abortion the heartbreak.... I wish I could say things got better down the line, but they didn't. In the summer i was involve into a bad car accident . Which I surgiced due to my seatbelt ....lost my car i'm gettin sued but overall I thought I'm alive. About a month or so later ... I get diganosed with gential herpes . This right here is the reason which i feel the need to end it all for me. I feel disgusted, embarrased low , un worthy ! Who wants to be with someone with such a huge factor in their life. How do I explain this to the men I want to be with now. You just can't ! I keep trying to tell myself that it can be worst.... And my faith in god is thin.
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you're gonna find someone who will love you as you are...