Slow Suicide

Dark as night,
deep and cold,
something lurks inside my soul,
a truthful lie,
an innocent hurt,
something to bury within the dirt,
I with hold the pain and grasp the gun,
because in this hell there is no where to run,
a whisper,
my heart beat,
sorrow, my song,
as the blood runs dry I'm no longer strong,
this slow painful suicide became the only reason I live my life,
as I cry my last tear and fake a smile,
because I'll only be here a little while,
my pain,
my jail cell,
my thoughts,
my fear,
I can't sleep at night for your whispers in my ear,
my dreams,
my nightmare,
my life,
your reason,
I'll put on a show to keep from thoughts of leaving,
the gun I hold,
my truest friend,
because it will take me right to the end,
so on last good bye and I'll be no more,
because there is nothing left in life worth living for~
knifeb4life knifeb4life
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Hey hun, it's okay<3 it'll all be okay<3 *hugs*

are you seeking help ? there are plenty of organisations that will give out free counselling. I know it must be horrible for you but its also painful for all the people who care about you to watch you go down this path and know that they are powerless to stop you