I haven't logged in to this since last year and I'm back nothing changed. I read my old post and cant believe i felt like that so early on, i deleted it because I'm embarrassed. Im not going to go into more detail about why i think I'm depressed because there isn't a point. Im still a ugly depressed poor kid. My life has actually went more **** since the last time I posted here. I want to commit suicide this year during winter. I will be alone I think which will hopefully give me enough courage to finally end this long *** misery life. When i was a kid I could never understand how someone becomes homeless, a drug addict or a prostitute. I couldn't understand how they could as most people start of in a warm home with family and have some sort of food on the table, the suddenly you realise life and the pressure to fit in with "society" and you just cant handle life. Now that I'm 19 I understand. I probably wont log into this site again as I'm either going to be dead or wont afford to.
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Your only 19.....your life just started......most 19yo dont have anything accomplished so dont feel discouraged ......you have the world as your canvas

Are you there


Most people who are homeless, doing prostitution or drugs come from broken homes where there was no food on the table or the warmth of family.

Suicide is for quitters! :)