My First Annimal Communication

Was with an orange cat named Pumpkin.  AC was something I remember doing as a child.  I was determined to re-learn how to do it.  I joined a yahoo group for AC about 3 years ago and just read the digest as it came in.  Then about 6 months ago  someone on the list said to ask a question and then type the first thing that came to mind.  Much like your own thoughts, but oddly enough what comes through are things you would never think about normally.  I had a very close connection with Pumpkin and he was located exactly where I said he would be 3 months after he was lost at a motel (5 hours away from his home).  I have to say the most enjoyable thing about Pumpkin was communicating with him after he was found and returned home.  He had quite the adventure and a very close call as a family with kids tried to take him home with them.  Luckily for Pumpkin he was able to escape just in the nick of time.  I have discovered that AC is something that everyone can do, but you do get better the more you practice.  The really hard part is telling someone what you got from the animal so that it can be verified that very first time.

unnamedprincess unnamedprincess
51-55, F
Feb 16, 2009