My Story

i remember a time that changed my life forever... my entire outlook on life shifted simply because of this incident. When I was around 7/8 I decided to plant a tree - a mango tree, right in front of my house. I loved mangos and the thought that simply planting one may reap a tree that will bear many more was convincing even to my young mind at the time. This would be the first seed I would plant so I remembered to tread carefully and make sure that I do everything right. So, after having my delicious mango, I saved the seed. The next day, I went to the garden area right in front of my house and began to make a hole. I carefully tucked the seed inside the hole. I also ensured I did this at a time when nobody was around so that nobody plucks the seedling out. I covered the seed with the soil. I was very happy, this was going to be my first tree!

Days went by, I didn't see any apparent progress. No roots, no leaves, nothing.. yet. But sure enough, after a couple of weeks of anxious waiting... I saw the first sign: The opening of the seedling and the appearance of the plant on the surface. I was soo happy! But i didn't tell anyone... and waited some more. Another week went by and this time I began to see leaves now. This is going to be my mango tree!! I said. It would so happen that I would come home from school and the first thing I would do is go to this tree and see if it got any new leaves. I would literally count them. Some more weeks went by, and this time the tree became more apparent. You could see it from a distance now that there is something coming out of the ground. That worried me. Because, I could not be there all the time to look after that new tree and to keep it safe.

One day, as I was looking out my window to the street below, I noticed another kid that looked very strange to me walking along the street. As he was getting closer to my house and the garden below, for some reason, I began to feel uneasy. As he began to get nearer and nearer to the garden the more uneasy I felt. I said, if he as to even think about touching my tree, I will run downstairs and give him a good beating. Sure enough, The bastard went directly to my plant. He snatched it right out of the ground. I didn't think he would dare. I screamed from the top of my voice and he saw me. I ran downstairs and he began to flee. By the time, I got outside he was already gone with my plant.

Ever since then, not a single thing I've done that i've completed. This is because I know that whatever I do, I will lose it. So what then is the point of completing it?

But i'm here now to change that. I'm completing this story as a change to make a statement: that I can and will complete the tasks I begin. I'm happy again.

alkhurasani alkhurasani
22-25, M
Mar 3, 2010