I Want To Completely Stop Wearing Boxers And Only Wear Panties

I completely want to stop wearing boxers and just wear panties.I do not like the wear boxers.Because my man hood moves around to much in boxers.Plus panties feel much better and softer on me. Boxers they all look and feel the same.But panties the are so many kind and colors for panties.You can get lace panties to sheer panties.Today with my Leggs Sheer suntan pantyhose I am wear a pink lace satin panties.The only time I wear boxers is when I go to work.But I hate to wear boxers.So I think I am going to wear panties full time.
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I like the way panties feel on my ****. I eventually want to start wearing only womens panties and no one look down on me for that.

I had about 30 different pairs of boxers they all costed over $50 so they were the designer ones and i had two thongs, i started wearing thongs more often and realised i do better in thongs so i waited until i got about 20 pairs of thongs/panties and started nonstop panties or a thong then one night me and my girlfriend was cuddlinh watching a movie, the movie got over we started getting in the mood and decided to go in the front room with everyone else because we didnt want to take chance of someone walking in on us, well about 20 mins later i went to my room to clean she followed me sat on bed and was watching another movie well i picked up a pair of boxers and put them in a basket she asked why i put them there and i told her that i was going to stop wearing boxers aand switch, she staired blank minded in shock and asked why i told her and she was fine with it so i found all my boxers put them in the trash bag with trashfrom my room and threw them out, havent wore a pair since that night,.. i still touch them from time to time but the ones i touch aint mine but that dont happen very often but ever since i switched i feel so much better about myself, i love wearing mycheetah print mesh thong with short shorts and tight jeans especially if im sitting or bent over or
reaching really high up because i have my thong up high so its not completely covered at any time i love showing them off because when my thong is showing to others at any point i have the best feeling, i feel like im a cute sexy girly girl princessAdd a response...

I'd wear them to work as well. Only you will know.

I have to agree with you. Panties are much more comfortable than boxers. I tend to wear panties more often than not, especially to work. I would wear them full time but need to get more and sometimes it's more practical to wear boxers. I haven't worn my panties to the doctors office but it sounds fun. ;)

I stopped about 9 years ago and have worn panties exclusively ever since. Plain black cotton string bikinis for every day wear for work. All different styles for after work and days off. I especially like wesring pretty panties to the doctors office, i have had several nurses ask me where i buy my pantied, and of course i tell them. One even showed me that she was wearing the exact same panties and she had a big we t spot in the gusset. I asked if she would trade but she said her husband wears them after she does. She said that she loves to see a man wearing pantries. I buy in store and usually have a female sales associates helping me, i ALWAYS tell them that i am shopping for myself, and the usually smile and pffer all the help that i need. Good luck, just decide to do it and switch.