Wow i really dont know where people get the confidence

Yesterday i was in the mall with my 4 male cousin's i am the oldest and two oh them are 15 one 16 and 14.... The point is we went like at 7pm and the movie started at 9pm so ok we went to kill some time they wanted to go to the arcade so i took them and i sit down with the 16 year old and he said "Hey look at that girl" when i looked she was radiant brunette her hair was to the middle of her back and she had these gorgeous green eyes she was just gorgeous then he went up to her they started chatting and she smiled a lot then the other 3 came and the 16 year old said "Im gonna get you guys some chicks ok" so then after an hour everyone had a girl except me and then the 16 year old said "Look theres your target now charge" she was pretty amaizing looking too but when we both got closer and closer to her my heart started beating so fast i felt like i was running for hours my body got hot in matter of seconds and i just could not get any closer couse just by thinking it that we be holding hands and do other couple things made me very nervous i went to the mall bath i washed my face and went outside to get some air and for the rest of the night everybody around me kissing and i just got up and left to the food court i buy a soda and i just pictured me and that girl holding hands it just keep coming to my mind and she sayin i like you and stuff like that keept popping in my mind when all of them got out they said that i was a looser couse i am the oldest and dont have a date but i just keept silent and we went home... Believe me person who reads this i really struggle with that shyness but i just cant. Any Advice???
Cloud00958 Cloud00958
18-21, M
Jan 13, 2013