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So this story is a opening guide to me, since people seem to not pay attention to my other stories. Some of my friends originaly saw my picture with a highly feminine blonde with perfect hair, large breasts and several other highly feminine features, you could say that she was the perfect woman. Well i am here to tell you that i am in fact very far from this image. I am a male who is rather hairy. I would say there is not alot that is feminine. My voice is not very deep i have steel blue eyes and dark brown hair.

My new picture is still quite a bit more feminine than me in reality however i believe that it may be a better representation of a female version of me. I have been toning down, but i still cross dress on regular basis, i find the whole procedure very erotic and it shames me terribly.

As a warning if you are a creep, perv or troll i will not be adding. I am generally not here trying to get a relationship, especially with a male, i am simply here to provide support to fellow cross dressers and in some way and in some way venting my own sexual confusions
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Please add me I do not hit on anyone here but I am very honest about what I want

The shame is not yours its the child of society. The labels were put there by people that were afraid of change and people that could not accept others. You need not feel shamed for being you there is nothing wrong with you.

what ever floats your boat sugar

Good on you, I too am a crossdresser, and about as feminine as Hulk Hogan and as hairy as bigfoot, but as far as whether I am straight/ay or whatever I am not much for labels, I know that certain things interest me and I really want to explore them. So good on you for standing up for what you want and believe in. That is all

Well said but do you best to not feel shame! There is nothing wrong with wearing what pleases you.

There is no shame in being yourself.

Well said sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />