"friends Are Not Friends"

I easily attract the attention of people.
So I guess I know people who I could call friends.
However those who are true friends - Soul mates, who put up with my vices, who are just happy to be with me and would stick with me and speak up for me ...
... well they are really, really rare.

I am a difficult and complicated person but I show compassion and empathy , which often miss in people I met (who may be called friends).
I have some very precious friends who I have know for a long time and I trust they are willing to go a long way with me. But they are sooo far away. In-fact I hardly meet in person nowadays, but when I meet up with those precious soul mates, it as if just met Yesterday. The connection is so strong, we can pick up from where we left it ...

I have been moving about a bit, sometimes intentionally but most of the time I had not much of a choice or staying was not the better option.

I just wish that people would find me an contact me, cause I feel it takes so much effort and hard work to try and find my soul mate(s)

I am constantly searching,,
Likewhatido Likewhatido
36-40, F
Jan 20, 2013