Why do we have to grow into adults and run into problems in life before we learn the power of positive affirmations, confidence, and believing in ourselves?

Why are these simple messages of truth that can change our lives so hidden in the culture and the environment that raises us?

Why do we have to discover them by accident and feel like we have found a new gold mine whereas almost all of it is found in ancient messages that still hold true?

I wish I understood why our culture abstains from teaching you how to think positively when you are growing up. Or is this rampant in all cultures of this big great world?
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I believe it's a chain reaction. What's common in almost all cultures is the negativity. Parent's don't criticize or overprotect their children with complete awareness of its disadvantages. It's parental mistakes but it doesn't make parents bad persons. Our part is to offer ourselves and our life in educating as many individuals as we can to change the culture.

Its fact...its not parenting..it runs in any culture you will see.its cosmo attitude...at the same time i feel its what & who you choose(+/_) to be..

I don't have any parenting experience so my view may not be the same as yours. I have had a very abnormal childhood, I chose not to express my views to either of my parents. I was overprotected because both of them thought that I am too innocent/ immature to handle situations, this resulted in spoon feeding/ overprotecting/ pampering. Even during my teen age I was being told what to do and I could not take decisions on my own. I feel parenting is a very tough "JOB". You need to talk to the kid and give him the freedom to take decisions. Let him choose the path, you support him on his journey, since he is doing something he likes he will not have the pressure of success or failure. He is living his dream and that is what leads to successful parenting :)

even I do not have any parenting experience but I realised this when I discovered myself years later since i was also under protective labyrinth of my parents and sibling.But the question is: Has this overprotection helped us to grow as an individual? My answer is "No",it has set many false beliefs in us which took helluva of efforts to breakfree that pattern.

I know what you mean. Compared to other children we "Overprotected" children are slow and find it very difficult to adapt to new situations. Having said that, once we set our mind on something there is no other ways but to do it.

One reason is : It's not that parents don't care. They are stuck in their parameters of success. It worked for them. It works for many. But they think it works for all and everyone has, or should have the same. They push that on the kids and define their success paramters. While the truth is, that each one's definition of success or happiness is different. The kid is not helped to discover or pursue his. This causes a certain "force" to go with their parents' flow, causes resentment, and when they discover to the contrary or when frustration hits the ceiling one fine moring, curtain falls, end of inspiration.

@ thoughtbubble: What a kid should do is decided even before it is born. For ex. If the father is an engineer and is successful then by default the kid becomes an engineer no matter what his interests are. If the father is an accountant and a successful one then there are 50-50 chances that he would want his son to either do a professional course like Chartered Accountant or the father would say do engineering because that is where the money is. All of this reminds of the hindi movie 3 Idiots, there is a scene where the character's father picks him up from the cradle and decides right then that his son will be an engineer " Farhan Qureshi, B.Tech". This is the story of many children, a child doesn't go against his parents because of the gratitude/ respect towards them. Hopefully the parents show much more confidence in their kid's belief/ dreams and encourage them to pursue the same :)

We run into problems since we hit the ceiling and forced to stay within someone's opinion about us... and we are forced to learn from someone who insists on teaching us or training us, and keep us behind them as followers, but never let us to lead. It is not that culture abstains from teaching us, just that we are disregarded for our self-learning.

hope this awareness pave a better way for future generation where they are taught how to think not how to mug up things around:)

absolutely. The innocent future generation needs to be saved urgently from this system of dumping education into young minds.

I agree, that by teaching children at a young age to think more positively, they will handle their situations more appropriately. Somehow, people tend to thrive on a little bit of drama and negativity it seems. I've been approaching life with a more positive minded spirit, and it has sure changed my days to more fulfillment.