Feeling Different

 It can be a great feeling to be different and yet a really awful feeling as well. I connect somewhat with people but never feels completely like minded and tend to always feel a bit odd especially with women.

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4 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I agree. I have trust issues with women, hell with men to for that matter..lol <br />
But I believe we must make the most of each days experiences and even though we may have differences, which we should celebrate -- we also have things that are like minded that too, we can either agree with or share own own experience that brings a common comradery of intimated and varied understanding.<br />
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I've heard "familiarity breeds contempt"......that is a vise we must struggle with to free ourselves.<br />
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Good Luck to you.

Moonjava exactly!!! Lol guess there is someone who is like my mind after all, lol<br><br><br />
Waiwera I have 2622 experiences and could have more but until I write at least half the stories that go with those experiences I have tried not to put anymore down. For me someone like me wouldn't ask they would read all my stories and experiences and know before posting on this story so I already know we are not like-minded.

If you want someone like-minded, what then is your mind like? What are your interests? Your main opinions?

JBird<br />
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I feel exactly like this. It doesn't seem to get any better. Some days you just deal better, other times it really gets the best of you.