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Keeping The "sharks" Out Of The Water!

Sharks are renown in out world for being the age old "ultimate predator". Living a public trans existence is proof that humans aren't that far away.
Sometimes when I think I have this transgendered journey down to perfection and I can exist in society as my chosen gender I get a slap in the face.
 I was out the other day by myself in an antique mall.  I always find the experience relaxing and fun. This time I was coming off of a solid week of positive public feedback on my female presentation.
Maybe I was getting careless or sloppy but I got totally busted by three guys who happened to be standing around at the door.
Now I know situations such as that with men lead to intense scrutiny of any woman.
What infuriates me is that I still get tense in those situations and we all know any blood in the water will bring out the sharks. I become much more upset with me than the idiots staring me down.
At any rate the moment came and went  I'm sure the three guys went home with the story of the big stunning blond they saw at the antique mall-but not so much.
The reassuring point of all of this now is I don't feel the need to go back to the drawing board for some sort of major overhaul.
My basics are sound and the fact remains I'm never going to present female to 100% of the public all of the time. (Unless I went under the knife for facial feminizing surgery.)
I know as the hormones I'm on reshape my body and as my hair grows to the point I can wear it in public; all of that will make a huge difference.
Regardless though, experiencing painful lessons and learning from them is still in my immediate  future!
Confidence and attitude keep the sharks out of the water.
cyrsti cyrsti 61-65, T 8 Responses Feb 10, 2012

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like mine, I can't get into yours. IN a while, a friend is coming over to visit. She can find MINE, so I'm sure she'll find YOURS, and I'll bookmark/favorites it. Thanks

several times I've noticed you mention your blog. I JUST started one, don't have it well set up yet, and don't care. It will get better. Time has it's restrictions. When I set it up right, I'll be pushing it. BUT, I WOULD like to read yours. Where do I find it?
thanks for's my own little diary! Beware they are addictive! lol

Ya Know? I recently heard a quote that says "what people say about you is none of your business"<br />
<br />
Sorta interesting. I really don't give a damn any more.......................<br />
<br />
Jamie Lee

Nice quote and if you add to it the fact you don't respond takes the fun away!

I think we all come to realise that we do, and always have been, looked at. Coming out, you become hyper-aware and self-conscious, but soon realise you're noticing people looking at you even when in male mode. Then you're going about life oblivious and uncaring, and because you're relaxed and confident, even people who glance at you don't read you. Next you realise that some men are looking at you because you're passing, and the new danger is scrutiny. But as you say, confidence is everything, and a smile is disarming. Yes, some find it harder, and you have to do a lot more than wear the clothes and make-up, and too much is as much a giveaway as too little. I enjoy my trans support group, and out together we can be a dead giveaway, but I'd rather stick with them just to encourage the less confident to be themselves. I have plenty of my own times too.

The part concerning supporting the support group in a venture out is thought provoking. Years ago I was in the same situation and for what ever reasons turned away from the groups. Maybe my blog is a way to help? It's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
I'm far from being a "stealth" person and I'm sure I could be doing more for a group!

Well, as you phrase it, sharks are everywhere. Its not easy to in the road. Well, yesterday after the end of the monthly meeting, few of us, went to the local shopping center, happened that one of the most favorite one in the country is just around a corner from our meeting place, so we took a journey into it. Long story short, one of the woman from our group said a painfully realization, and its true, -even if she is really look good, probably nobody thought about her, that she was a man before-, that no matter how hard she try, she will remain like a bleeding ship in a tank full with sharks (in your terms) So women can be cruel with each other too. Need to tell, about her, that a few woman would kill to look like her... <br />
<br />
So, its newer easy no matter that you born as woman or be a woman

You all are so correct in your assessment of the "sharks"!
I have found it interesting my most aggressive sharks have been genetic females. Not a surprise mind you but still noteworthy.

People always attack what they don't understand, point one....<br />
And love to attack the different....just to impress friends....point TWO!<br />
People today just don't have the time to try to understand anything anymore. It's easier to condemn.

I think the thing is to be confident in who you are. I have been outed a few times earlier in my transition and just laughed in their face.That puts them right off. These days I get looks from the gents of appreciation -and the occasional sleaze bag. But then what woman doesn't.

Head up my dear! You are woman, lets hear you roar!!