Things Are Very Differant

It seems very ironic that since I have made the change more than my wardrobe has changed. One major change is that when I was a man I always had a full beard, so I never had to shave. Now I need to shave every day, and a lot more than just my face. What is wrong with that picture? I do have to admit that I have carried a lot of my male ideals to my female side. One major one is that I was always an elk hunter. I always thought I was a great mountain man nd would be able the survive the winter in the great Colorado Rocky mountians, with only what I carried in on my back. I still think that, and I still hunt, it's just that now I am a great moountain woman. I no longer hunt with the same group of guys that I uses to, but I have found a couple of genetic ladies who like to hunt. A few years ago I was hunting with a friend, and we had a nice camp set up. We had been hunting on horseback, for most of a week, and were taking an early afternoon break. We were in the tent, and her boy friend showed up. She wanted to take him for a ride in his jeep to show him the area we had been hunting in. While they were gone I wanted to warm up the coffee, but the propane bottle on the stove was empty. I was chamging it and some of the propane kind of leaked out as I was screwing in the bottle. I didn't think much of it because that happened most of the time. Anyway when I hit the stricker on the stove the whole tent blew up. My face was on fire for a couple of seconds, and I had to smother it out with my hands. I then had to stomp out the fire with my feet,and used a shovel to throw dirt on it. I was in a lot of pain, and knew we were going to need to get out of there. I started loading the horses into the trailer, and loading what was left of our camp. KC and b/f returned and when they saw what happend loaded the rest of camp into the truck. B/F checked out my face and said I needed to go to the hospital. The plan was that KC would take the truck, and horses back to the rach,and he would take me to the hospital. When at the hospital the nurse that was checking me out told me how she likes to get dressed up nice,and go to fancy places. Then she said that I guess thats not your style. It was kind of fun telling her, I sppent more time dressed up than I did as a mountain girl. Two years ago my then 16 year old granddaughter asked me to take her hunting. That has been a great blessing, and I am enjooying it very much.
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Shame what a terrible experience hope the burns never left scars on your face. Seems you have lived quite a hard but interesting life.