I am 29 F from the UK. I was born male, I struggled for many years to come to terms with things. I remember sitting in therapy, I couldn't see the light, I was 18 years old, Transition seemed impossible, something I never thought I would live to see.

10 years on I broke down because I could not take the pain of living in the wrong body any more, I planned to end it all, my best friend came from afar and helped me. showed me that life could get better.

after a year of fighting for my life as a woman, it finally happened ,a lot of hurt and upset happened along the way. false hopes, strains on the family, fears ans anxiety's

I thought I would lose my family for good but that was not the case thankfully.
iv been living as a woman for a year now, iv had hormone treatment, blockers to stop my male hormone production. My body is changing , I feel happy and more at peace.

there are still scars and wounds in the family that need to heal, my farther was hit the hardest when I came out. he struggles to come to terms with it all.

the future is unknown territory, hopefully things will work out, I have faith in life. I love life for once.

after surgery ,I hope to get a new career ,get a boyfriend or girlfriend and continue move forward.

its the hardest thing i have ever faced in my life
sarahbethuk sarahbethuk
26-30, F
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you will do it,just keep plodding on,best wishes for future and if can help sing out!