I'm transgender ftm and I came out to my mum a year and still she won't accept it, when she hears someone calling me Luke she corrects them and I loose even more hope, my whole family is like her, they don't realise they are loosing me.
I don't know if they'll ever come around, I hope so but if not I'm not gonna let them ruin who I am
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I was married for nearly 2 decades to a man that lied to me.. about everything. He is GAY. I basically wore the pants. I was "the Man" in our relationship. We had sex 4 to 6 times year. I was naïve.

Today, I have come to realize... I am a man.. in a woman's body.
I'm OK with it.
I love gay men. I accept it now.
I just wished I could meet a gay man that would love ME.