Hi guys if you haven't read my other storys then I will just start at the begining. So I always felt different about my self that I was more femimin. So I started to crossdress and I felt so happy about myself. Then later I became trandgender. But during the summer of 8th grade I told myself that I can't keep ondoing this and that I was a freak. So I started bodybuilding so I can erase my perfect girl body. But 6 months after that I want to be a girl again. But now I have super large muscles. And I don't look like a girl anymore except for my face. And now idk on what to do. I'm 14 if I am transgender I want to live my life at a young age as a girl. So I really need someone to talk to about this.
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Honey, I did the same things. I even tattoo myself to remind me of my man hood. I think having an education is #1, having a job, and being independent. Without any of those, I couldnt exsist. I practice my looks, and walk all the way till I was independent.

First of all, how accepting are your parents or guardians about you being TG ? If they arent very accepting, then you will be stuck till you are at least 18, then can do what you want. If they are, then you and they can start working on getting the hormones, etc. At your age, you will have an excellent chance of becoming a real woman in little time. I just wish I could go back 40 some years, have the net, and do what it took , the hormones, counseling, surgery. But back in the early 70, not much was available, unless you happened to stumble across someone who did know, which was extremely rare in those day.

All i can do for now is give you my best and hope all works out till you are able to make your own decision in a few years.

Huggles, Heather

I would like to think i look good, I am 5'9" 300 pounds and i mean i got chunk but i have a lot of bulk be hind that fat to when people look at me they would never guess that i am that heavy around my shop i life things around 150lbs all the time. but i am a butch dyke transgender woman, so i like to look a little manly but when i go to the stores and other places i still get called miss. i have been in HRT for 1 year and a half i am 19 now so i got a good start but i still would have liked to start sooner than that. I work on cars, weld, work with wood, sew, go fishing, go to the gun range, and all that good stuff. so do what you want if the world does not like that so what. Love Taylor

If you are really serious about being a girl, seek a therapist that can help you to take the next steps - look before your leap - I wish I would have done that when i was young...but, now that I am much older, i can only wish that i could have become a woman and transitioned early in life, but I had one other barrier, not many people accepted transgender people in my younger days, but now, there are new laws that protect you and perhaps soon, becoming who you truly are may be widely accepted...but, I do wish you well in whatever path you choose.

You need to exercise but no weight lift. Your muscles will go away.

Ok thank you