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Well I'm 49 and live as a man but know at least on the inside I'm female, from my emotions, thoughts desires etc. I have a partner/husband who says he lovesme but what if he only love s the packaging but not the gift inside?
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Hi there,

That's always a scary possibility when you're trying to discover your identity. In a perfect world gender wouldn't matter when it comes to true love, but unfortunately there are still many people who can't see past it. I'm not saying not to be hopeful, though! My brother and I are both transgender ftm. His husband is as straight as they come, but when my brother opened up about his true gender identity, his husband was still loving and supportive and they've been together now for eight years.

I think the only thing you can do right now is gradually ease into things. Tell your partner that you have been exploring your gender. Ask him his thoughts and feelings about it. It can be scary, but the level of discomfort won't compare at all to the level of anxiety behind wondering what the outcome will be. Keep your chin up :). Even if things are rocky at first, I assure you, you will feel an enormous lift when you begin to live true to yourself.

If you ever need a friend or a listening ear, feel free to send me a message!