My Testimony

Drugs and crime From age 11 to 26. I remember being forced to go to church as a kid and would feel the pull of the Holy Spirit calling me but was too calloused and afraid to give in so I never submitted. My grandmother prayed for me faithfully the whole time I was out there in the world. Finally God took drastic measures and I ended up getting sentenced to 6 years in prison. I thank God for stepping in had he not intervened the meth and alcohol would have killed me. even years into my sentence I was still fighting and using drugs. then 1 day I was watching a revival and I felt that fa miliar tug of the Holy Spirit Finally for the first time in my life I didn't fight the tears I opened up with my heart and started crying out to God Something happened at that moment. From that day forward All I could talk about was Jesus. The Holy Spirit empowered me enough to share the Bible with other inmates. As I was teaching the Holy Spirit would teach me It was an amazing experience People would ask me questions that I didn't have the answer to And the Holy Spirit would reveal it to both of us All God required of me was that I stepped out in faith and open my mouth I'm not the type of person who likes speaking in front of other people But God took that fear away
aliveinchrist aliveinchrist
31-35, M
Dec 15, 2012