Spirit Filled Life

who are used in the Gifts of the Spirit. I want to know what your experiences have been. Do you find it easy to hear the voice of the Lord , etc.

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

I must say i have a great relationship with Holy spirit but am not yet where God really wants me to be.Am on a journey of discovery and trust.Am still learning to totally let go of my will and trust the will of God fully.I must say it`s not that easy to here God`s voice or Holy spirit speak to me because my life was too loud back then.So am learning everyday to pay more attention to His voice,to differentiate His voice from my own ego or the devil disguised as an angel of light.I must say it`s a continual learning process.As long as you are open to Him and are willing to learn it gets easier and easier with time.I love it.

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