Strong and Happy

for years  i felt  nothin not a tear  at a funeral nor fear in fight nor happiness at parties i was numb i met a girl she  broke a barrier slip past some defence  she not only  mad me feel but feel love  not only that  emotions that were locked were released and i now  have trouble  controllin them at times yet peculiarly  i still do not  feel fear  except for the  overwhelmin fear of losin her  im learning to control them through meditation soft music . i am also trying to improve myself physically  i am quite strong  and  have good reflexs i even  beat the no.2 ranked kickboxer of teen division  in a  unofficial fight . i can hold my breath under  water  for a minute and half longer if i push i continually  try to be stronger thru swimming and gym work  and martial arts and boxing though it  is counted as martial art i hope to travel to china and learn under  true masters to become the best

the desire to continually better one self is sine  purely  human

buddhaboy1 buddhaboy1
18-21, M
Mar 27, 2009