MY Way Isn't the Only Way

I know when your young you think you know everything when your actually learning what it is you think you know. But when you are in your mid thirties and have enough experiences to look back on you realize how much you've learned and how much you still have to learn. At least thats what I believe and I have that right. Im currently associated with someone who Im supposed to be growing with and sharing ideas and making plans together, but, I cant get a word in and when I do ,their not taking anything I say into consideration. Im not upset because Im not just going along with it. Ive continued to be thier friend and have moved on. Conversing back and forth with an associate who wants to grow spiritually and emotionally is important to me and anyone who comes into my life needs to understand that. Don't battle me on what I want for my life. This is what I want and thats that!
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1 Response Mar 6, 2009

like Buddha said "It is better to travel well than to arrive. " Each of us on their own spiritual journey and we are learning new things, new experiences on every breath we take :) It is life... Thanks for story. <br />
Peace, love and light,<br />