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Shalom everyone and shana tov!
Ive been learning by myself about Judaism, and in the past year, if someone asks me what religion I am, Isay jewish.
What friends from Israel have warned me about though is that Jews dont trust converts, and if you approach a rabbi, he will turn you away. So Ive been a bit nervous to approach a rabbi. Im disabled, and have been persecuted all my life because of it. I dont need to be the target of extra scrutiny.
I actually went to a little reform lay led place for rosh hashana tonight. I went there one time for a shabbat, and it was ok. The 2 people were nice, but tonight when I went, they made a point to talk to everyone but me. Not even shalom. The one guy shook hands with the other women, but when I extended my hand and said shana tova, he stared into space, so everyone could see he rejected me and Im standing there awkward. When one woman was talking to me, the woman who helps run the place saw it and came over, whispered in the womans ear and drug her away.
Despite the overuse of the word "welcome" on their pamphlet in the back of their prayer book, I didnt feel welcome. I know that Jews arent supposed to welcome people because converts have been bad in Jewish history. But is it normal to have them do as they did to me tonight? Is it because its lay led with no formal rabbi so only Jews can go there? Or could it be they justdont like me? What is the normal amount of rejectionand persecution a convert must face to prove herself?
Thanks! And if anyone knœws any convert friendly synagogues in Boston area, let me know!
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wow no that wasn't nice or normal. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Jews are not welcoming to converts in the sense that Jews don't have missionaries and only accept really sincere converts. also, to be a true convert go to an orthodox rabbi. try a chabad center, that's one of the things they are there for. good luck!

You are not Jewish until you convert unless your mother was Jewish. It is serious to convert and it may take 2-3 years, to be absolute certain it is what you want to do. Aish.com is a great site to learn laws etc.,it is orthodox, but there are articles and insights

Go to a different temple. I am a convert and I love mine and they love me too. Jews are Jews. As a convert you are to be respected more because you chose it. As long as you have no ulterior motives to converting it should be no big deal. Dont worry about who rejects/likes you and who doesnt. Its about what you feel and how you choose to worship. Jews are supposed to welcome you, and if they don't, they are at fault. Find a temple that reaches out to the community, or take classes locally. That can help break the ice. I dont think it is the fact you are a convert, just those particular people.