Oy, I Wish It Was That Easy

I was not raised in a Jewish household by Jewish parents. However, I have for most of my life identified myself as a Jew.

My grandmother was a Hungarian Jew who converted to Catholicism to marry my grandfather. My father (and his siblings) were not raised Jewish; they were raised Catholic. But, my grandmother held on to many traditions and shared them with me as a young girl. We made hamentaschen for Purim and lit candles on Fridays when I would sleep over. I loved my grandmother very much; I consider her an inspiration, and her influence will be with me for my entire life.

Judaism feels as though it is a part of me--though I may not be "ethnically" Jewish by some standards, I feel as though I have a Jewish soul. I often think about going through the conversion process simply for validation, and other times I desparately want to go through it so that I can really live in my faith.

Judaism is a part of my identity that I don't feel is truly whole yet. I sometimes fear it never will be.
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I'm actually going through the process dharbi described. I was very, very nervous at first but now I know there was absolutely no reason at all to be nervous. I'm attending services know just like everyone else. And, obviously, I had a word with the (Reform) rabbi. He was very welcoming and asked all kinds of questions about what I thought about my first Shabbat service and so on and so forth. When I told him I could kind of read Hebrew (though I'm more than thankful for the transliterations since I'm struggling a bit with the vowel signs), he thought it was great and wanted to know all about where and how I had learned it.<br />
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So if you're nervous or shy as a person (as I am), don't worry. The first time I went I was sitting next to someone who explained things to me and could answer all my questions. That, I think, is actually a good way of getting started. Otherwise, I'm sure you can just show up and one or more congregants will be there to help you. I've never found talking to people I've never met before so easy.<br />
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@shakenshalom: There is actually a legend about some people having Jewish souls. You may have heard about this already. When I read about this, I thought it was really beautiful. It somehow deeply touched my heart seeing I wasn't born or raised as a Jew either.

you can convert but your heart has to be in it.see a reform rabbi because they are most open to new converts and they will teach you about Judaism and the holidays and you can go to a temple anytime and pray and learn hebrew.it will be fun and enlightening.don't give up.

well, i hav a Jewish friend and i refer to here mom as mom. i called her mom mom B4 i wanted 2b a Jew. she said i hav a " Jewish Spirit" any advice?