Catholic to Jew

My mom and dad were Presbyterian. They converted to Catholicism and my dad died sometime after. I had been raised in a strong Catholic family where nothing was to be questioned and I mean NOTHING. Not rules on marriage, sex, finances, and heaven forbid THE CHURCH. We prayed rosaries and chaplets and went to church more than Ned Flanders and my mom was constantly preaching about how her conversion was miraculous etc. But I never got it. My brothers believed it but they're rather lax and my sister is in there. She even gets into fights with her atheist teacher. Everytime I've gone to church I felt alienated and awkward. I still was read stories of saints instead of fairy tales and prayed to the crucifix every night before bed and Sunday School wasnt a choice. I had first learned of Judaism in 4th or 5th grade CCE. They mentioned how Jesus was Jewish and how he founded the Catholic Church. Next week we learned how Martin Luther and others had left to form flawed churches. I wanted to learn more about Jesus's religion but my teacher said this was a Catholic Church not a Jewish Synagogue. In 7th grade i saw a Mexican friend wearing the Star of David and asked if she was Jewish. She said yes a Mexican Jew (later I realized she said Messianic) the kind who believe in Jesus. I thought everyone believed in Jesus except me so I decided to learn more about them since I was agnostic at the time (my mother never knew of such things or I would've been shipped to a Catholic boarding school and sprinkled with holy water every hour.). And I realized how much more they had correct. I learned more of their beliefs and realized Jesus was a sham and why the Trinity was never really understood. In 8th grade she appeared again and explained Hanukkah and the Maccabees after someone joked about Hanukkah and I found it much more beautiful and meaningful than Christmas. Afterwards I became obsessed. I read whatever Torah I could find in my Bible and realized that since the Jews were founded by G-d they should be able to spot the Messiah sent from Him. I'm now a sophomore and have studied as much as I can about Orthodox and Conservative/Masorti Judaism since 8th grade. I have a sense of belonging there I'd never felt anywhere else let alone my Catholic Church. I had been to a temple once and just spoken to the people for no more than 5 minutes. My mom may or may not approve but this is what is right. If you can give me any advice on how to tell my mom without being disowned that would be very nice.
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If you still seek for the truth, I suggest you to read and make comparisons between the three Abrahimic religions: Judasim, Christianity, and Islam. You'll find the truth and the God will guide you to the right way.

I suggest you read the Gospels first and make sure of what you are rejecting before you make that drive.

Writing isn't my strong suit so i didn't get near all if it down. I'd always felt alienated by going to church. I've never quite shared the beliefs and my confirmation is coming near and I feel sick if I think of it to long. I know I don't seem mature but in my home we mature rather quickly

Well church is not Christianity. The Bible is Christianity, the Message of Jesus is Christianity. I have not been to a church in over 10 years but i believe Jesus and trust in Him. Thats why i said to read the gospels first before you take that drive.