I Want To Convert

i have always loved the Jewish religion since being very young and understand many beleifs my great great great great grandparents were Jewish and i wish to convert and be jewish also but i am young and dont know how to tell my mum and i am not sure if she will accept my decision.. i dont know what to do

JammieDodger98 JammieDodger98
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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

Dear friend,<br />
our existence is a proof that there is a creator.and the best of creation is not the one who makes most money.not evryone can make huge money.but the best person is the one who does what his God wants him to do with his life. <br />
and God wants us to worship him 'in his terms'.so,it is not our choice that whether we shal go to church or to mosque or to temple.it is solely God who decided.after all he is the one who gave us life and evrythng,right?<br />
so,the question is,how to find out the right path? the answer is , find the true religion. u dnt hav to blindly beleve in anythng anyone (your family,your pastor etc) says to u.bcoz God gave u a brain as well.so that u can study and analyse.<br />
<br />
friend, it is a reality that people who dnt obey God will go to hell.unless God forgivs them,right? and why should we blindly beleve in the religion that our parents beleved in.i beleve it is our obligation to use our brains to find God.bcoz we hav to make sure which is the true way of worshipping God.wether it is to go to church or to temple or mosque.lets use our brains.lets keep the emotional attachement to our parents' religion away . i have been watching some videos on youtube and got convinced that the 'so called religion of terror-islam'' is actually the religion of peace and is the only way to salvation ! and islam has many qualities like, i feel like, most of my sadness and depression is gone,i have strong hope now,i became a much better person,others love me,and i can feel God's love,and i got so confident to know that i am worshipping God in the right way he wants me to do it .and that makes me happy please search on youtube for these videos: yusuf estes embrace islam, yoshua evans bible led me to islam,zakir naik ,keith moore islam, The Miraculous Quran and the Islamic revolution.please please spend some of your leisure hours to watch those and other yusuf estes's vids.his speeches r amazing.it wont be wasting time trying to find God.the purpose of life.God didnt make us except to worship him in his terms.lets save yourself from dieing as a nonbelever.there is nothing scarier than it.my frds agree that i am very inteligent and gr8 in philosophical thinking.i dont beleve in any religion unless there is solid proof that it is from God.thats why i studied and i am so amazed by the true islam which is far difrent frm what we see on media.now truth is so clear to me that i wont give up islam even if someone offers me a billion dollar ! bcoz i dnt wanna be in hell.i want heaven.and i dnt want u burning in the hellfire forever for not beleving in the one God and his messenger.May Allah guide us all and unite us in the heaven.feel free to msg or mail me for any doubts.u may read the hard copy or pdf of the book called The Bible, The Qur'an and Science. by Dr. Maurice Bucaille. i will pray to the lord of the worlds for you .(friend,u have the freedome to accept or reject my invitation.but i invite u to islam with love and sincerety.u r sure that i wont get any money by doing this.i am doing this for our creator) feel free to contact me if u have any doubts.but please please dont ignore this.