A Work In Progress ...

My fiancee and I have been together for almost three years. She is in her mid twenties and i am in my mid thirites. She has only ever has one other sex partner besides me, her long term ex boyfriend.

We, like most couples, had a vigorous sex life off the hop. She had never had a sex toy before, so one day I went to the locsl shop and bought a few items, including a large *****. I'm average in length and thickness, so I made sure this one was bigger in both areas. She always complained her ex by had a needle **** and I wanted to let her experience something bigger.

She was a little taken aback b the size, as she is fairly petite. We played with some of the other smaller toys and figured I'd let her play with that one when she was ready.

I began to have these fantasies of her with other men, knowing she had onl been with me and her ex. When I was awa at work, I would text her and tell her how much I love her and trust her. I then one da asked if she had ever thought of being with a well hung black man. She told me that black men did not do anthing for her but that their penises were big and she hadn't ever had anthing like that. I suggested the ***** I bought for her, she said she'd play with it when she was ready.

One day while awa at work, I got a text on my phone. It was a picture of the ***** in her tight little *****, halfway. She said it felt good but was hard to manouever. I was so turned on and hoped she would play with it more.

We had moved in the summer into a new place with no roomates. I returned to work on another site and one night began talkiing to her about myy fantasies. She is a one man woman and kind of bucked the idea but one night, I get these photos via text. She had taken the toy into the bath and was playing with it! She still said it was hard to manouever. I suggested putting it on the side of the tub and she ride it. 20 minutes passed while I waited eagerlyy for her next text. I was sending hot texts to her, kinky dirty ones. I got some new pictures and we talked about it later. She's so tight and said that it took a little bit but m texts and the feeling of this big member in her caused her to open up and it slid in to the hilt. She said she could see her *** on it when she took it out. I even got some post-pics of her ***** all open and wet.

She played again hard ever night for three days, she was hooked on the big *****. Then, like it started, it stopped. I think she enjoed it too much and was scared? Still don't know the reasoning.

I returned from work and near our shared birthdays in november, I went back to the toy store. She had said length wasn't as important as girth. o I found an 8 inch, thick like a beer can *****. She was intimidated by it as well. One night, we played with it and it got halfwa in she was ver wet but we stopped, as it was too much. I waited for her to play witn it again but it was the following summer I got some pics, they were hot.

That fall, I had made up a fictional work buddy, who I said had seen her in her work and commented on her. I played the story out, she was enjoying it for sure.

I spent that summer working out of country. We still talked about ********** MFM and she began to agree that the idea turned her on. One night before I had left, we were hanging with another couple and there had been some heavy flirting. We were really drunk and come bedtime, I began to play with her and suggested if my buddy turned her on. She had said yes and so I got detailed, asking her if she wanted hs hard **** in her, etc. She got soaking wet, we had some really good sex that night. The next day, she said it was because she was reall drunk and nothing like that would appeal to her sober.

So while working away, I had resumed this story about the fictional work buddy, said he was working in the same area as me. I set up a fake email account, found some pics of a good looking younger guy and used a third work phone as a dummy phone for texts.

I emailed her as the fictional buddy and intorduced myself. She immediately added him to MSN messenger. I chatted to her as the buddy and after some small talk and what not, I began to let him hit on her a bit. I had played it up to her that he was a real ladies man and had a big package. She responded openly and with hesitation to his flirting. I tried to keep my cool. She said okay, if you're real, text message my phone number. So I put the third phone into play and did. She was floored and thought he was fake but the text made her think twice. We ended the conversation that evening and I had told her I would talk with her tomorrow, after m day off and date.

So the next night, I as myself had to play both roles on MSN, with 2 separate computers. Man it was tough but I kept it up. She was getting turned on by this I could tell. I told her the whole time that my buddy would make a great third and that she could sa whatever she wanted to him. I got thru the evening and eventuall said I was going to bed, while my "buddyy" continued to chat.

The chatting got interesting, My buddy continued to compliment her and say that I was a lucky guy. The flrting got a little more on her part and I could tell she was reallyy warming up to the idea.

The following day, I had told her I was busy. Then my "buddyy" logged on to MSN. The conversation turned to sex and I sent pictures of "buddy's package", a well big penis off tghe internet ... a couple actually. She at first said change that off! Lol! But I began to leave it in the displa photo and she began to ask about it. I've read enough soft core **** stories and made up some stuff. I asked as "buddy" if it turned her on and she replied yes ... she sent some low cut t-shirt pictures, looking all hot and was plaing sexy music tagged in her display ... she began asking when we could all hook up and asked me to tell her what "buddy" would do with her when the time arose. I explained how I would be gentle and told her how it would feel for her, that before long my big **** would be buried deep inside her ...

Then my phone began buzzing. She was asking me if I was sure about this. I asked her wh? She told me she was very horny from talking to "buddy" and could see why women liked him. She said his penis was huge and she was curious. I said are you playing with yourself, she said yes, with the huge toy. I said play on, take some pics.

The MSN was quiet for a bit while she played and texted me ... finally the email dinged and it was a picture ... of her playing with the huge toyy, sent to my buddy ... I replied via chat and told her it looked hot, she said look what you've done to me, you've made me want your big **** ...she proceeded to send 5 more photos of the toy, continually deeper inside her.

Then I got a text from her. Telling me I''ve made her want another man. I said good, we can get together at the next opportunit and have fun. She said to me tell me right now, is he real? Is all this real? Tell the truth. On our word and our love, tell the truth.

The MSN had stopped, I called her and told her it was me all along. She got mad but not really. She told me "buddy" had drove her to the point where the huge toy made her *** like never before. Her ***** was strecthed out and wet, looking awesome. She told me she was wet all night and half the next day at work!

I told her I just wanted her to see that sex is different than love and that we could do this at some point, when she was ready, with the right guy. She told me she would prefer if we found someone regular and reliable, with a big **** of course.

Fast forward to the fall and I bought another toy. Her chief complaint about the other ones was the weren';t suctiony enough. So on Valentine's Day, we had a nice dinner out and played a board game called lust. The final cards ended up being sex toy, shower, 69 and reverse cowgirl. She has never made me *** with oral, so I pulled out the next suctiony toy and we went to the shower.

I ran a bit of warm water in the tub and got the lube. We made out, she was really hornyy from the game itself and already wet. She got in the tub, suctioned the toy to the tub floor and put it in ... it was tight but began to move. The toyy was thick like a beer bottle and about 9 inches long. I stood in front of her and she began to suck me off. She was having a little trouble coordinating it at first but got it going. Then I asked her if she liked sucking my **** while she rode "buddy" and told her she looked so hot bouncing on his **** with mine in her mouth ... her pace picked up and I got down and kissed her, rubbing her button. I looked down and could see it was halfway in. I stood back up and talked dirty some more while she blew me. I asked how she like having two ***** at once and she got right into it, saying how much she loved it and it felt so good ... suddenly, she got frantic and my **** was just resting in her nouth while she bounced ... she rode hard and I could her the fake balls on the toy slapping her *** as she bounced ... she was balls deep. She was moaning and writhing and ******* on it and finally sat down hard and said baby look at this big **** in me ... I looked and it was all the wayy in, her little ***** lips all swollen and stretched. She got up, I licked her glistening *** off her and we dried off and hit the bed. I got on top of her and only lasted about 5 minutes in her sloppy hole, blowing my load hard.

After we talked and she said it was all for me but I'm no dummy, she loved the feeling of being filled up. She's very conservative and said don't push her into a *********, she will do it when the moment stirkes her. Basically that means a little tipsy and the right guy, the perfect storm so to speak.

So bottom line, I've had limited success but the seed is planted. One day it will happend. And for now, when she is too tight, I pull out a toy and loosen her up and we both enjoy the dirty playtime ... I think once she hits 30, she will change her tune ... basically I am conditioning her to become a hotwife someday and she doesn't even realize it!

So guyys, be patient and coax. Things will happen when they do.
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This is a great story....wish I would run into you both in Calgary...Good Luck!

Keep it up. you have a great plan. Suggest doing a webcam with someone or going as voyeurs to a swingers club. If you want to I would love to be that guy

Last weekend, when she was drinking alone, she outright said she wanted to have sex with her guy best friend ... then asked him if he would go in a ********* with us ... she sobered up and reneged on the idea but I can tell all this legwork is swaying her in the right direction.

We are having a sexy date night next Saturday ... hotel downtown, she get's a new outfit and boots and we are attending an upscale ***** club ... lingerie at the hotel and toys awaiting ... with all the attention she will get that night, plus some alcohol fuelled reduced inhibitions, who knows where this may go! Either way, we will have a great evening.