"i Want To Convince My Wife To Swing"

We got married 2 years back and now my needs looking for change, but my wife behavior as same like others wives. Last time i spoke with her but she refused it & got angry on me, plz guide me there is any soultion to convence her with easy way to fullfil my Fantacy?
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

I think that it's not simple. Maybe it could lead to divorce! Based on my experience cheating is much safer than trying to invite to swinging. It's your need to have variety and there is not any doubt. It's your right. If she wants she could join. But in my experience, my wife is so solid and believes to love with sex (or sex+love). Anyway, don't try to convince her. Because after the experience, she might hate you!

Try reading "How To Turn Your Wife Into A Swinger" by Michael Andrews. Honestly, did wonders for me.

Time and patience. Is your wife sexualy inclined? Does she really enjoy sex or is it something that kinda turns her on that one time of the month and she is OK w/o any sex the remainder of the month. If your wife is angry, it's a waste of time. If she really gets turned on when you are having intercorse of are ************ her whisper things to her hat increase her sexual pleasure ie she has a beautiful body and other men find her sexually attractive. As a matter of fact, so and so aked me if you are very sexual and asked me what it is like having sex with such an attractive woman. Make her feel as if every man wants to give her sexual pleasure and that she would enjoy the excitement. <br />
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A word of warning--if you ever get jealous or angry that she is with another man---you sex life with her is ruined---permanently.