Want To Convince My Wife To Go To A Swing Club

Last night we had a date without the kids as we were trying to figure out what to do after dinner I suggested we check out a swing club. She said she did not want to be traded . How do i convince her to atleast go to a club and see what it is like
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In swinging, and all experienced swingers hold this to be an inviolable law, "NO MEANS NO!!!!" You decide how far you wish to go and with whom.
There are many who only go as far as watching. Some enjoy performing for others. Then you have soft swinging which is just enjoying sex in the same room or even bed as another cpl. And of course there is full bore, no holes barred, wild kinky swapping sex. But the two of you decide what, when, where and if. She can browse the swingers sites and any good site will have a copy of swinging rules and etiquette. Let her explore and then see if she feels more secure and comfortable. If so, then you and she can set ground rules and limits for yourselves and explore as BOTH of you feel comfortable with.

See whether it is an onpremise club or off premise makes a big difference to the ladies off premise there is some flashing some petting but nothing else it is like a regular club with spice. An of the ones. All the ones I have gone to have been very respectful and never pushy. nice place to place to play a little more intimate with your spouse. Good luck.

Me and my wife done it 2 years ago. She enjoyed and we done it on same bed. But when she came home, she doesnt want to do it again..

may be with some of ur friend

I'm in your shoes too. My girlfriend loves watching swinging **** and always talks about it but whenever I suggest actually going through with it she freezes up and says no.