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We are in our early 40's with three preschool children and 7 years of happy married life.  My wife is quite conservative, but can find a naughty streak. She only had one lover before marriage, but several intimate ish boyfriends.

I am now starting to realise that my best times in the past where with girls that where man-eaters - very sexually craven and almost always unfaithful. I am starting to miss that aspect. I now find myselfwanting, from within the safe confines of the marriage and family, to start to see if I can sexually liberate my wife.

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Okay, same here. She runs hot and cold. We have some AWESOME times then takes two steps back. We went from nothing to being shared by my friend, now back to nothing.

Same here! My wife has come a long way since we met. She only had one other partner other than me, but I have had many. She can't wrap her head around the idea of being naughty, but I would love her to become more sexually liberated. I haven't given up hope yet, and we have come a long way. She's a great flirt, but always stops there.