The First Steps Towards....

About a year ago, I proposed to my wife that we go and hang out at a certain resort which is home to a well known swingers club. We spent the weekend at the resort. We were both pretty psyched about the prospect of going someplace that was so racey and overtly sexual. We wrote out  some fantasies to each other about expectations we had about going to this place. So, before even going to this place, I noticed that our marriage got a real jolt from the anticipation of this event. I was very excited. Our time at the resort was pretty good. We shared some time together in the buff, in front of others, and had our share of voyeuristic moments. We laughed, danced, hung out in hot tubs, and common areas. Overall it was a lot of fun. We met a swinger couple near the end of the evening who had "noticed" us earlier in the evening. We talked a bit, but I could tell right away that my wife felt a little uncomfortable with the direction things were headed, so we said goodbye. The last thing I wanted to do was for her to have a negative experience, and then never be able to repeat this type of experience. At the end of the weekend, and on the drive home, we promised each other that we would return for a theme party and have some more fun. I have noticed that our sex life since that time really improved. But I have also noticed that I find my thoughts always returning to going back to the club, to soak in more of that fantastic sexually charged atmosphere.

Fast forward about 7 months and  we recently went to a different swing club. She was game for going, but I  didn't sense a huge level of committment. She mentioned to me that she was not interested in trading partners. I agreed with her, and told her that I just wanted to go and experience a higher level of fun with her, and that I really thought it was exciting when other men noticed her. Because after all, she is such a stunning creature. I wanted others to see her beauty. On that night, I felt that I needed some extra booze in my system to lighten up, and I spent a little too much time waiting for drinks at the bar. Meanwhile, she spent a little too much time alone. She did wander around a bit, met a few people, and was hit on by one couple. I did manage to watch this from the bar, and was intrigued to see how she would handle herself.

When I finally did make it back to her, she was laughing a little, and seemed to be a tiny bit embarrassed. I missed the entire conversation. She confided to me in hushed tones that she had turned down their offer. Fair enough, I didn't expect anything less. To me, it is enough of a victory to just be at the club with her. I would be more than content to go several more times and do nothing but look and be looked at. LOL.  However, I digress here. One of the encouraging things that she told me later was that it was exciting being prospected by others. She even said that she would have been disappointed if nobody had noticed her or made any type of advance. So, I thought it was very interesting to hear that. 

She was very curious to see the back rooms where everybody was fooling around. I know that she has been very curious about all of the details of on premise clubs. But I have never PUSHED to do it, or insist on doing anything other than just going to see what it was like.

I had a few more drinks, we hit the dancefloor again (as we both love dancing), and one of the couples that had hit on her earlier came closer to us, and we had the potential for one of those dirty dancing moments with the other couple. My wife deflected this and pulled me off the dancefloor. I think if she would have had one more drink, she would have let go enough to do this. 

Anyway, I knew better than to make anything of that, and she wanted to leave the club after that. I could sense that she was a little bit miffed on the way home. I believe that she is dealing with abondonment issues. She thinks that this whole situation will lead to me leaving her or something like that. It is a real hot button for her. But I do everything I can to reassure her.  The next day she apologized for being that way, and talked positively about going back again in a month or so. I am greatly encouraged by her words. I am sure that if she can get past the abandonment thing, and have a few more positive and safe experiences at the club, we might shift into second gear.

Soooooo, I think she is still curious. I think she likes the energy of it. I think she likes the attention. She wants to feel desired, I am sure of this. I am doing everything I can to treat her like the jewell that she is. I am already making plans for next time, and will be ready to find new ways to make her feel comfortable, loved, and irrisistably sexy.

Stay tuned....

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Your doing great with your patience,. I remained patient for almost a year after our first visit to a singer club where she stated that she never wanted to go back. Now almost three years later we attend that club and several more throughout the area on a regular basis, we are both hooked and love the lifestyle!

Great story. Thanks for the update. Good luck. It sounds like you'll slowly be able to attain your goal by playing it smart and safe.

Great Story, would like to know if it ever happend again?

i lived within yr story , but i need to imagine yr looks !<br />
can u describe yrself and yr wife in details ?