Shed Her Sexual Inhibitions

 My Wife and I have talked several times about swinging fantasys. She is ok with it as We talk. She says She would do ANYTHING to make Me happy.

We are a good looking couple, in Our mid 40's and most people think We are more like 30ish.  We just need to get Her to break thru that invisiable barrier and follow thru with the fantasys We discuss. She says She would love to see Me bringing another woman to outer space, like I do with Her, and join in after. Also would love to be taken by another man & I. I just can't get Her beyond that point to actually do it.

She also knows that Me, watching Her being consumed be another man or even two, would drive Me absolutley crazy. But getting beyond the TALK seems to be a high hill to climb. She says She would like to, but something always comes up to halt things.

  Our sex life is mind blowing. Especially @ our age (47) We have it better and much more than most people 15 - 20 yrs younger than Us. ( 3 to 5 times a week, for 30 to 120 min each time)  She is very attractive and a nice build.( 5'7 / 135 ) Very curvy and turns lots of heads.. 

Just want to add some more spice and fantasy to an already amazing sex life.

erny63 erny63
46-50, M
3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Hey, if you both feel free discussing this and you both have indicated a willingness to give it a try, why not just spend an evening at a swing club, most have some sort of "initial visit" package. If nothing clicks, you still have an erotic setting and each other...enjoy an opportunity to show off your own mating skills. Swinging will not improve a bad relationship but if you are both consenting adults you may find enjoyment in the lifestyle. Waiting for it to happen gets you nowhere, if you want to try out swinging, set it up and go for it.

Well said !

the thing about swapping partners in bed or anywhere is the mental problems that eventually rip a hole in the bag holding the two people involved as a couple together. When both parties going in have had, experienced and enjoyed multiple partners more than once or even at the same time it is somehow a little easier on relaxing the jealousies that always seem to come around making the relationship loose it's own significance. Very few multiple partner adulterous couples last being together after tasting the waters from new wells (so-to-speak). It boils down to changing up the game (the fantasy) to reality and in reality the hidden fantasy is no longer something available without the way too often relationship ending guilt ridden setbacks that are never seen going in as a problem. In order for a loving sharing sexual relationship to work. The two of you have to write down all the good that will come out of it should you go for it and all the bad and reach as far out into the negative aspects as possible because you must be able to talk about with each other. In depth and seriously that way nothing can be hidden from each other of you two and the total release of body, mind and spirit will not become something of ruin.