Hollywood Here I Come

I could make lots of money off my dreams, especially since I could edit and change things afterwards to create a movie people would pay to see.  My dreams are so interesting, I always dream in color, and my dreams are anything but boring, even when there isn't much going on.  I never knew other people had the same idea, maybe this could be invented within my lifetime.  Besides, it's just another way for our descendents to remember us.
rainbowlicious7 rainbowlicious7 26-30, F 2 Responses Dec 10, 2007

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I hate that you never compliment me. I've never been with anyone who didn't

occasionally say nice things about my appearance. From the looks I get from

strangers, I know I'm not ugly, so why is it that you can't ever say, "Hey,

you're not looking so bad today!" It wouldn't take much, just anything,

really. I've told you many times that I really need a nice comment every

now and then, and you say you will, but you never do (although, really, no

matter what Dr. Phil says, if I have to tell you to compliment me, it's not

a true compliment). I know I shouldn't base my self esteem on your

compliments, but after so many years of this, I've decided there's a few

things I'm going to let the plastic surgeon fix. The sad part? It won't do

anything. I'm no fool. Logically I know you still won't compliment

me...but damn, you'll have paid for a sweet package for the next man, who

will tell me I'm the most beautiful thing he's seen. And because I love you

with all my heart, that's the last thing I want to happen, but because my

self-esteem is slowly disappearing, it probably will.

this would be awesome! I could make some pretty freaky horror movies about the end of the world...and with 2012 coming up, everyone would have to see them!